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What Is the Purpose of Digital Art

By Galy, Posted Nov 23, 2022 ,In 3D Art

The phrase "digital art" initially appeared in the early 1980s, when computer engineers created a paint program that pioneer digital artist Harold Cohen used. Since this early attempt into AI, Cohen has fine-tuned AARON as technology advances. AARON is a robot that makes excellent designs on floor-placed paper.

Digital art can be created on a computer by scanning or sketching using a mouse and a tablet. In the 1990s, digital technology allowed artists to transfer video onto computers and edit video camera images. This technology allowed artists to cut and paste over moving pictures to create visual creations.

Digital art is more familiar to younger generations than to older ones. Today, our technology-driven environment digitalizes almost everything around us. In this article, you'll learn more about digital art and its purpose.

What Is Digital Art?

Digital art is the creation of artworks using digital technologies or their presentation on digital platforms - this includes graphics created entirely on a computer and hand-drawn pictures scanned into a device and polished with a software program such as Adobe Illustrator. 

3D virtual sculpting renderings and animation are examples of digital art, as projects incorporating multiple technologies. People also use video image alteration in some digital art.

In a nutshell, digital art is a combination of art and technology. It opens up numerous new opportunities for artistic expression.

What Is Digital Art Used For?

You can display your thoughts and feelings through digital art, just like any traditional art. With digital art, artists can transmit ideas and opinions as a method of self-expression, therapy, or finding beauty in everyday life. 

Artists use digital art to create animations, pictures, graphics, movies, digital paintings, and other works. Since the NFTs frenzy of 2020 and 2021, blockchain, perhaps more precisely NFTs, have now been related to digital art. 

Although the technology has drawn criticism and has numerous issues relating to plagiarism and theft, auction houses like Sotheby's and Christie's and multiple museums and galleries worldwide began working with digital artists and selling NFTs connected with digital artworks. They also present those artworks on actual screens, monitors, TVs, and in virtual galleries.

The Purpose of Digital Art

The purpose of digital art is to allow artists to express their feelings, emotions, ideas, and fantasies through the animations, movies, graphics, and pictures they make and capture their imaginations. Digital art is an excellent way to unite people and bring them together.

Through it, we can escape reality, provide a sense of community and belonging, and enable self-awareness and self-expression. Digital art can also provide a source of enjoyment and entertainment by being a method for reflection and contemplation, feelings of amazement, wonder, or motivation in the beholder, and delivering a message.

Why Is Digital Art Important for Students?

Technology is highly crucial in today's digital environment. However, that doesn't indicate art has to go away. When you express yourself creatively, it can help you in your future career and talents.

Digital art allows students to develop their technological and artistic talents and encourages their curiosity and creativity. Whether you aspire to be a video game designer, architect, or graphic artist, digital art programs are a great place to start.

Art may teach youngsters skills to transfer to various potential careers quickly. In this day and age, the possibilities and prospects for digital art are limitless.

Gal Yosef's Digital Artworks

Gal Yosef is a self-taught genius in 3D drawing and digital sculpting, specializing in reinvented renditions of well-known cartoon characters. Yosef began exploring 3D design at 12 years old due to his curiosity and enthusiasm for painting and drawing.

His artwork is evolving in the style of his most recent pieces, representing a darker and avant-garde edition of an imaginary cartoon universe. Gal's collections combine old cartoons with contemporary stories inspired by Disney, Toy Story, and the transactional aspect of today's society.

He has different styles of collections, like - The luxury brands collection, GalyMonsters collection, Portraits collection, Sculptures collection, Super Heroes collection, and many others. You can visit and explore his original designs and see which ones you like and dislike.


Digital art has just recently become more well-known and popular as people have started to recognize and value complex and influential works of art made using digital technology. Animations, illustrations, 2D and 3D artwork, and other digital creative forms are gaining popularity due to their distinct quality, depth, and impact on the world.

With digital art's increasing popularity, it is reasonable to assume that this type of art is overgrowing. Because digital art uses digital technology, the greater the technology improves, the more digital art grows. 

The new generations will soon develop additional digital art forms, and many digital creators will be born and acknowledged as some of the new generation's best and most significant artists.

Selected Artworks

Gold Rush
Gold Rush

Mixed Media

60x90 cm | 23x35 in

Pink Business
Pink Business

Mixed Media

120x180 cm | 47x70 in

Hodl the Treasure
Hodl the Treasure

Mixed Media

90x60 cm | 35x23 in

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