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The Cultural Influences on My Art

By Galy, Posted Feb 23, 2023 ,In 3D Art

Early Influences: 

When I was six years old, I fell in love with animation and cartoons. I watched every possible animated movie and filled my childhood room with Disney, Pokémons, and superheroes, mixing these universes to create a new adventure. As a child, I loved transforming my toys by painting their suits and adding elements that they never had before, giving them my personal and unique touch. I even built characters from plants and stones I found outside my home, which was the only thing that could keep me quiet and focused.

Discovering Digital Sculpting: 

I started experimenting with 3D design when I was 12 years old, using the internet as a guide before influencer tutorials were readily available on YouTube. I was fascinated by the work of Walt Disney and other modern animated classics, which motivated me to explore the creative process of digital sculpting.

Expressing Emotions and Themes Through Art: 

Art has always been a part of me, and it's a means of expressing my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to my audience. My favorite way to express myself within my art is through my favorite characters. By bringing innocent characters into our contemporary life, I want to display how the world is run these days: how innocence is disappearing from the world and how money is a crucial motivator in our lives. For example, in my 3D artwork "Treasure Finder" I brought Donald Duck to life in his gangster alter ego, smoking a cigar and posing in the shadows while holding a golden statue of Mickey Mouse. This artwork depicts a darker version of one of my favorite cartoon characters. Similarly, "Stealing Looks" shows Daffy Duck smoking a cigar while wearing Woody's iconic cowboy costume, while Woody is standing behind Daffy, fully exposed, covering himself with his last bit of dignity, his cowboy hat. This digital artwork represents an avant-garde version of my favorite childhood movie.

The Creative Process:

For me, a great idea comes from the heart and soul when I least expect it, just like falling in love. When I create, it feels like I am falling in love, starting with the idea that grows until it's perfect. Then, I sculpt the model, creating the fur, lighting, rendering, and post-production for the final touch.

Transitioning to the Metaverse: 

I'm now transitioning from art galleries to the metaverse, creating a new digital art world, and click here to check out my entire collection.


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