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My Iconic 3D Art

By Galy, Posted Feb 23, 2023 ,In 3D Art


Hi, I'm Gal Yosef, and I have been passionate about painting and drawing since I was 12 years old. My love for animation and cartoons drove me to create a world of heroes within the walls of my bedroom, and this sparked my deep desire to bring characters to life. I started experimenting with 3D art and design, which has allowed me to transcend artistic barriers and produce pieces that are accessible to viewers all over the world.

The Beauty of 3D Art:

3D art holds an immense amount of vision, message, and emotion that may not be recognized at first glance, making it both familiar and innovative. Employing computer software as my primary tool has helped my artwork convey my affection for each character I digitally sculpt. Yet, ultimately, it is not the software that controls my creative process; it is simply a tool to fulfill my imagination.

Exploring Dark and Edgy Contemporary Scenarios:

3D art allows me to reimagine an alternative cartoon world filled with characters who inhibit dark and edgy contemporary scenarios. In addition, I am constantly searching for new dimensions within my work by immersing my characters in today's society, teaching us the eternal story of human vanity, and recognizing humanity's obsession with money, appearance, and power.

My Creative Process:

My creative process begins with a great idea from the heart and the soul that comes when I least expect it to. Every work of art starts with a sketch until the concept is perfect. Once the idea is complete, I sculpt the model, make the texture, develop the fur, render, and fine-tune the image for the final touch. Then, each image is created in one-of-a-kind print machines that print the image in 400 degrees heat, with gold leaves in the back of each print.

Examples of My Work:

I brought Tom & Jerry to life with a realistic painting called "In Cahoots." This piece displays Tom smoking a cigar while Jerry sits beside him, smoking a cigarette and holding a stack of bills. "Money Honey" is yet another depiction of these beloved characters growing up in a world alongside me. Within this artwork, Winnie the Pooh is seen wearing a LV t-shirt as he sits on a pile of gold coins and 100-dollar bills. He holds a honeypot filled to the rim with even more blinding cash.


Each artwork is a fantasy world filled with life and characters, holding an immense amount of passion and pride. Ambition has always motivated me to accomplish my dream of being a 3D artist. My success in 3D art comes from staying true to my creations and style while being able to express myself without any limitations. To explore more of my money-obsessed, contemporary artwork, click here.

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